The Arts Center

Together with the ongoing commitment to achieving personalized goals and the further development of occupational, physical, and cognitive abilities, the Sadna places significant importance on enriching and expanding the inner world of the students through making and creating handicrafts in a pleasant atmosphere and experience conducive to the production of art.

Therefore, we set ourselves a goal of having all the students of the workshop participate in various enrichment classes in the arts complex, which also serves as part of the employment network.

Basket weaving

The studio serves as a daily employment center where people use basketweaving skills to prepare baskets, bowls and various trays. In addition, the studio serves as an open creative space for students from the Sadna, the Yuvalim school and even the local G’Vaot kindergarten.

The students who come to create in the studio work on personal projects and products that are sold at special sales from time to time.

In the studio, the students create baskets in a variety of styles and techniques. One of the things that affects the shape and character of the basket is the material from which it is made. There are a variety of raw materials such as wicker, and other natural materials that the workers forage in the surrounding forests and hills.

The baskets are also interspersed with tricot threads, beads and wooden bases that are polished, painted and decorated by the students. The shared workspace creates interesting encounters ,collaborations, dynamics, and a pleasant atmosphere between the permanent workers of the employment network and the students who rotate through the basket weaving studio.


The ceramics studio is used by all students and the residents of G’vaot. Employees from the employment network produce tools and implements for sale and for various uses of the Sadna and its coffee shop.

Most of the tools are made from hand-rolled clay surfaces, and some of them are stamped with lace, plants, seals and other fabrics or surfaces with interesting textures. There is also work with liquid casting clay, through which small jugs and glasses are made.

The dishes are painted in engobe colors and on top of a transparent glaze for spreading, or in a combination of engobe mixed with glaze or in glazes for dipping. All materials in the studio are adapted for baking at high repetitive temperatures and without toxins.

The studio is divided into three rooms. The entrance room, which is used by the employment workers, a classroom/ activity room, and a room for drying and baking the products.

The activity room is used by the students of the workshop and the students of Yuvalim, who work in different techniques in clay and pottery wheels. The products that are prepared in the classes belong to the students. They come to the studio to experiment and specialize in the various techniques, and to develop motor and creative abilities. The choice of technique and creation is the result of the imagination and desires of the students who work at different and varied levels. The handiwork and the ability to create a product from scratch helps the students develop and grow and provides insights and enrichments into their inner worlds.

The carpentry and woodworking shop

The carpentry and wood working shop is a special venue for creativity and production. As part of the Art Center, the shop provides creative outlets for the Sadna’s various groups.

In the shop, the students relate to woodwork, to handicrafts, to the knowledge of know different tools and skills, and they experience the joy of transforming raw wood into a useful and decorative creation.

The place is active and vibrant, and groups from the kindergarten, the Yuvalim school, the Sadna and the employment network come to the carpentry shop. The students create different projects of their choice and experiment with the different tools according to level and ability. In addition, the carpentry shop is an intermediate stage – 'preparation for employment'. The employment group comes every morning to work in the carpentry shop and produces a variety of products for the Sadna such as the KKL-JNF tables, shelves, benches, and racks. The group experiences work skills, team cooperation work professionally at a high level.

Music room

The music program is an integral part of the Sadna workshop.

Musical ability is not related to verbal functions, and therefore even students with low verbal functioning can achieve impressive musical accomplishments. Sometimes playing instruments and singing are the only vehicles with which the students can express and realize their own unique personal voices.

The musical activity is fun and relaxing. This calmness is especially important for students on the autism spectrum, many of whom suffer from chronic stress that can develop into mental crises.

The music program includes individual and group lessons. The program is operated in accordance with the individual goals of each student and is adapted to the general curriculum of the workshop. Program participants perform several times a year at both internal and external events. The performances strengthen the self-confidence of the students, and the positive feedback helps them feel an important and valued part of the community. We are currently building a new music center in the heart of the arts complex which will enrich the existing work and provide an additional variety of treatments and music therapy.

Ceramics Studio

The special employees participate in the entire process of creating various ceramic pieces. This can include creating a design from raw material on the pottery wheels or work bench all the way through the finishing stages of painting and glazing the piece. The finished pieces dishes are used by the café and/or are sold to the public.

Animal Corner

The special employees are responsible for feeding the various animals, cleaning the cells and cages, caring for the animals, and arranging and cleaning the animal corner. In addition, the employees help the nature teachers give lessons in the petting zoo to schoolchildren. Some of the employees even are able to independently conduct full classes for the students from the Yuvalim school and visitors from outside.


The responsibility of the “special” employees is for cleaning the stalls, preparing the horses for riding and for arranging the equipment. During the riding lessons, these employees assist the instructors and the Sadna students as well as non-Sadna students who come to partake in the activities workshop.

מרכז יום
במרכז שוהים אנשים שמבחינת היכולת התפקודית שלהם אינם יכולים להיות עובדים יצרניים,
ולכן סדר היום שלהם כולל לימודים, יצירה, וטיולים במרחב.
בית קפה
באחריות הצוות להכין את המנות שמוגשות בבית הקפה,
לתת מענה ללקוחות, לנקות ולסדר.
ביום-יום נותן בית הקפה שירות לעובדי המוסד
ובימי שישי הוא פתוח להנאת תושבי האזור.
סטודיו לקרמיקה
הצוות עוסק ביצירה של כלי קרמיקה שונים, החל בעיצובם כחומר גולמי
על גבי אובניים או שולחן עבודה וכלה בצביעה ובגלזורות שונות לגימור הכלי.
הכלים משמשים את בית הקפה ונמכרים במכירות שנעשות במהלך השנה.
קליעת סלים
מייצרים סלים מחומרי גלם שונים כגון נצרים, סנסנים ועוד, במגוון סגנונות וטכניקות.
חלק מן הסלים משמשים בבית הקפה ובמתחמים שונים ברחבי המוסד,
וחלקם נמכרים לקהל במהלך השנה.
באחריות הצוות לסייע להכין כ־170 מנות אוכל לכלל המוסד.
המטרה היא שכל איש צוות יבצע עבודה שונה בכל יום, מחיתוך ירקות וכדומה,
ועד סידור האוכל בכלים, חלוקה וניקיון.
אחזקת יישוב וצוות גינון
הצוות מחולק לשתי קבוצות על פי היכולות של המועסקים.
הקבוצה עם היכולות הגבוהות יותר עסוקה בתחזוקת הגינות ברחבי גבעות – החל בגיזום עצים
וכלה בשתילה ודישון, הקבוצה השנייה עסוקה בהקמה של גינות חדשות
על ידי הכשרה של השטח, בניית טראסות ועוד.
במהלך העבודה נלמדים חומרים בנושא הצומח, האקלים וחומר מקצועי על גינון.
באחריות הצוות להכין לחמים, עוגות וחלות לדירות ומאפים לבית הקפה.
כחלק מההכנה הם עסוקים בהכנת הבצק, עיצוב לפני אפייה,
ניקיון הציוד והמאפייה וחלוקת התוצרים.

פינת חי

אחריות הצוות היא על האכלת בעלי החיים השונים, ניקיון התאים והכלובים,
טיפול פיזי בבעלי החיים וסידור וניקיון של כל מרחב פינת החי.
בנוסף עוזר הצוות למורי הטבע להעביר שיעורים בפינת החי לתלמידי בתי הספר.
חלק מאנשי הצוות מעבירים באופן עצמאי חוגים מלאים לתלמידי יובלים ולמבקרים מבחוץ.
אחריות הצוות היא על ניקיון התאים, הכנת הסוסים לרכיבה וסידור הציוד.
במהלך שיעורי הרכיבה מסייע הצוות למדריכים,
לכלל תלמידי סדנת שילוב ולתלמידים המגיעים מחוץ לסדנא.